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Trixie Zaragoza Cat Tree in Beige

Trixie Zaragoza Cat Tree in Beige

Trixie Zaragoza Cat Tree in Beige will provide endless playtime, scratching and lounging for your cat. This piece of cat furniture features multiple scratching posts, a plush covered condo, hammock, play roll, ladder and 3 platforms and a ceiling attachment. Scratching posts are constructed from durable sisal and allow your cat an outlet for their natural scratching needs. Your cat will love to scratch and climb up the ladder to the top and rest on the top platform or stretch all the way to the ceiling to scratch. Ladder has sisal wrapped steps which are ideal for frisky felines that like to climb and play. When your cat gets tuckered out from all the fun and excitement he or she can take a cat nap in the plush hammock. Cat furniture is a great way to protect furniture and carpets from your cat's natural urge to scratch.
Cat Tree Features:

  • 1 base (23.5" L X 19" W)
  • 3 sisal posts (3.5" D X 23.5" H)
  • 3 sisal posts (3.5" D X 19.25" H)
  • 1 sisal post (3.5" D X 15.75" H)
  • 1 sisal posts (3.5" D X 13.75" H)
  • 1 ladder with sisal steps (10.5" W X 25.25" H)
  • 1 hammock (15.75" D)
  • 1 playing roll (9.5" L X 8.5" D)
  • 1 condo (20.5" L X 14.5" W X 10.5" H)
  • 1 platform (16" L X 14.5" W)
  • 2 platforms (18" L X 14.75" W)

Trixie Zaragoza Cat Tree in Beige

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  • Features multiple scratching posts, plush covered condo, hammock, play roll and ladder
  • Condo and hammock in plush material are perfect for lounging and napping
  • Natural sisal scratching posts are the perfect outlet for your cat's natural scratching needs
  • A great way to save your furniture and carpet from wear and tear

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23.5" L X 19" W X 102.25" H
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