Trixie Activity Game Bone Dog Toy
Trixie Activity Game Bone Dog Toy
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Trixie Activity Game Bone Dog Toy

Trixie Activity Game Bone Dog Toy – Interactive Game Dog Toy & Games for Dogs

Give your smart pup a mental challenge with the Trixie Activity Game Bone Dog Toy. This fun, interactive game dog toy stimulates your dog with two different games to play.

Common games for dogs include fetch, Frisbee and tug-of-war, but now comes the Trixie Activity Game Bone Dog Toy. This interactive game dog toy is a durable board with sliding and moving parts that reveal hidden nooks. Just drop a small treat into a few of the nooks, slide or place a piece on top and watch your pooch solve the puzzle to gain the prize.

Trixie Activity Game Bone Dog Toy is double-sided, providing two games for dogs in one board. Side one of this interactive game dog toy consists of a solitaire game which has cones that your dog lifts to uncover treats. Side two comes with sliding covers that your dog has to slide to reveal treats. You can also block the covers with the cones to increase or decrease the difficulty level of the game.

Dogs require mental stimulation as well as physical activity to stay happy and stave off boredom. This fun toy from Trixie is designed to encourage problem-solving through fun and rewarding games for dogs. Pet parents will get to play along by hiding treats in different nooks and watching their canine companion figure out how the game works. It can be a great experience to watch your dog paw at the sliders or pull up a cone to reveal a well-earned treat.

The game board is constructed with a plastic and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) mix, so it can hold up under your dog’s enthusiastic play. This product also comes with an instruction booklet that includes tips and tricks for using the board for training purposes.

Trixie Activity Game Bone Dog Toy

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  • Interactive game dog toy offers a unique challenge every time
  • Double-sided board provides two games for twice the fun
  • Extra sturdy mixed MDF-plastic board holds up to long-term play
  • Instruction booklet included for tips and tricks for training
  • Games for dogs support mental stimulation

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12" L X 7.75" W
SKU: 1499483

Trixie Activity Game Bone Dog Toy, 12" L X 7.75" W
$39.99 $35.99



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