Kaytee Gourmet Wild Bird Cake
Kaytee Gourmet Wild Bird Cake
Kaytee Gourmet Wild Bird Cake

Kaytee Gourmet Wild Bird Cake – Wild Bird Food Idea for Holders made for Suet Cakes

Watching colorful wild birds land on your bird feeder can be a wonderful experience that promotes feelings of relaxation and harmony. There’s just something special about hearing the pleasant chirps of birds and watching them spread their wings and soar. Give all your local birds a special treat that will make them eager to visit your feeder. The Kaytee Gourmet Wild Bird Cake is a delicious cake treat that wild birds won’t be able to resist.

If you want to attract more wild birds to your yard or give your favorites something extra special, choose a Kaytee Gourmet Wild Bird Cake. This is more than your average wild bird food. The cake is made using ingredients bird love, including sunflowers, peanuts, safflower and millet. These treats are just as good as popular suet cakes, but they are held together with honey instead of suet. Just add pieces of this cake to your wild bird food, and your feeder will be the most popular on the whole block! You can also put this treat into the same holders used for suet cakes.

Once you put Kaytee Gourmet Wild Bird Cake out, get your camera ready, because you might get a glimpse of many of the wild birds in your area. Enjoy the sight of their colorful plumage and the sound all the different types of songs they sing.

This treat has all the same deliciousness as suet cakes, but with honey instead of fat. Birds will never turn down free wild bird food. It is a something extra special to give the feathered friends in your neighborhood. It can also be a great way of thanking them for all the happiness they give to you with their presence and songs.

Kaytee Gourmet Wild Bird Cake

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  • Gourmet bird cake made with real honey
  • Contains sunflowers, peanuts, safflower and millet
  • Fits into holders for suet cakes for convenient feeding
  • Wild bird food formulated to attract the birds in your area

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Kaytee Gourmet Wild Bird Cake, 2 lb.
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