Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Dimmer
Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Dimmer
Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Dimmer

Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Dimmer - Handy Clamp Lamp and Dimming Reptile Clamp Light

Bathe your reptiles in the soothing warmth and light they cannot do without. Developed with reptile enthusiasts and herpetoculturists in mind, the Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Dimmer makes for an excellent way to provide your precious herps with the incandescent lighting they need. Featuring a heavy-duty, professional-grade metal reflector, this reptile clamp light is easy to use and can be set up in a just a few simple steps. Developed to attach easily to the rim of practically all types of terrariums, this reptile clamp light has a 6' cord that comes with a polarized plug for added safety. This clamp lamp has a ceramic socket, spring-loaded, swivel-head clamp and is intended for use with incandescent bulbs. In addition, this reptile lamp features a dimmer that allows you to adjust the heat as well as the lighting in your terrarium. As many herp enthusiasts know, it is imperative to provide reptiles with the proper lighting and heat for them to bask in for their bodies to function properly. You cannot go wrong with this easy-to-use dimming reptile lamp from Fluker's.

This quality clamp lamp with dimmer is UL listed.

Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Dimmer

Internet Price: $15.99 - $17.99   Today's Price: $10.91 - $12.16  (Save up to 32%)

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  • Bathe your reptile in soothing warmth and light with a Fluker's Clamp Lamp
  • These metal reflectors feature a ceramic socket and spring-loaded, swivel-head clamp
  • Reptile clamp light for incandescent bulbs
  • Dimmer adjusts heat and light
  • Quickly installs in just a few simple steps

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5.5" Diameter
Cord: 6' Length
75 Watts
SKU: 1441973

Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Dimmer, 5.5" Diameter
$15.99 $10.91

8.5" Diameter
Cord: 6' Length
150 Watts
SKU: 1441981

Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Dimmer, 8.5" Diameter
$17.99 $12.16

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