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Hydor H2Show Stump/Log Kit Green LED
Hydor H2Show Stump/Log Kit Green LED
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Hydor H2Show Stump/Log Kit Green LED

Hydor H2Show Stump/Log Kit Green LED – Fish Tank Aerator and Fun Aquarium Decorations

Light up your aquarium with the Hydor H2Show Stump/Log Kit Green LED. This fun and functional fish tank aerator oxygenates as well as circulates your aquarium water. The aerator is disguised inside of a fun tree stump decoration that glows with a green LED. The Hydor Stump is sure to make a spectacular addition to your other aquarium decorations.

Aquarium decorations are a fun and easy way to express yourself in your tank. By choosing décor with different shapes, sizes and colors, you can customize your unique tank to fit your own style and interests. Some décor, like bubblers, even provide a functional value to your tank by supporting your aquatic ecosystem.

The Hydor H2Show Stump/Log Kit Green LED is a spectacular way to make your aquarium look great and aerate your water at the same time. The ornament is shaped and painted to look like a hollow stump. The hollow leaves room for the fish tank aerator which creates a stunning stream of bubbles, simultaneously circulating and oxygenating your tank water. The green LED shines through the stump and bubbles, making them appear to glow green.

Fully integrated aquarium decorations like the Hydor H2Show Stump/Log Kit Green LED are great for any type of tank setup. This decorative fish tank aerator does not require any additional air pumps to create a beautiful stream of bubbles. The stump itself is made with a non-toxic resin that is completely safe for your aquarium inhabitants.

Hydor H2Show Stump/Log Kit Green LED

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  • Decorative fish tank aerator
  • No additional air pump required
  • Circulates and oxygenates water with bubbles
  • Stump is made with non-toxic resin
  • Green LED makes a vivid display that is sure to stand out from other aquarium decorations

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6" L X 4.5" W X 4" H
SKU: 1491130

Hydor H2Show Stump/Log Kit Green LED, 6" L X 4.5" W X 4" H
$43.99 $42.50



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