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Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit Red LED
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Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit Red LED – Fish Tank Aerator and Fun Aquarium Decorations

Liven up your aquarium with the Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit Red LED. This fun and functional fish tank aerator not only looks great but also provides essential oxygen to your aquarium’s water. Aerating and circulating water is an essential part of keeping your aquarium fish happy and healthy. Accessorize your tank with fun and functional aquarium decorations like the Hydor Volcano Kit.

Your fish tank is a fantastic place to express your style and personality in fun and interesting ways. Aquarium decorations come in all shapes and sizes; while many are just fun to look at, some are designed to also support the health of your tank. A fish tank aerator that also looks cool can be a great addition to any aquatic setup.

The Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit Red LED features both fun and functionality, making it a spectacular showpiece that also helps your aquarium stay healthy. The non-toxic resin exterior is molded and colored to look like a real (though miniature) volcano. The fish tank aerator, which fits inside the volcano, produces a steady stream of bubbles that exit through the cone’s top. The red LED light vividly shines through the cone’s clear channels and up through the bubbles, making your volcano look as though it is oozing lava.

The Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit Red LED helps to both aerate and circulate your tank’s water. It does not require an additional air pump to produce bubbles. The volcano’s stunning display can be positioned in your tank to stand out from or complement your other aquarium decorations.

Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit Red LED

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  • Fun and functional fish tank aerator
  • Produces bubbles to oxygenate and circulate your aquarium water
  • Does not require an additional air pump
  • Made with non-toxic resin
  • Red LED gives the look of glowing lava
  • A stunning addition to your other aquarium decorations

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5.25" L X 5" W X 4.5" H
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