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A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Bird Cage
A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Bird Cage
A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Bird Cage

A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Bird Cage – Versatile Cockatiel Cage, Finch Flight Cage, or Similar Pet Bird Enclosure

The A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Bird Cage is the perfect habitat for your feathered friend. This spacious enclosure is ideal for housing or breeding a variety of pet bird types from canaries to finches to cockatiels to parakeets, and more! The interior height of the cage measures over five feet, making it an ideal finch flight cage for small birds or a cockatiel cage for your cockatiel or similar large birds. The A&E flight cage comes standard with horizontal side bars and vertical bars in the back and front. Two wooden perches offer resting and socializing space for your pet birds. Six feeding stations are mounted on the cage wall next to sliding feeder doors.

Don’t worry about all the hassle that goes in to keeping some finch flight cage choices clean. The A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Bird Cage is designed to make easy your job of maintaining a happy and healthy environment for your birds. The feeder doors are made to slide up, allowing you convenient access to the cage’s six feeding stations to remove uneaten food and replace it with a fresh portion as needed. The two wood perches can easily be reached through either of the two large front doors in case they wear out or are damaged over time. And don’t worry about struggling to reach the soiled floor of your canary or cockatiel cage. The bottom of the cage includes a sliding metal grill and plastic tray in which you can lay habitat paper or other bird substrate and then easily remove it when it’s time to clean the cage.

The A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Bird Cage is a beautiful addition to any home. The vertical finch flight cage design decreases the amount of floor space that the cage occupies, making this a space-saving as well as bird-friendly enclosure. This cage is constructed out of wrought iron with a powder-coated non-toxic bird-safe finish. Choose from white, sandstone, platinum, and black finishes depending on the decor of your home or how you want to highlight the colors of your birds.

A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Bird Cage

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  • Ideal for canaries, finches, cockatiels, parakeets, conures and Quakers
  • Roomy interior makes this an excellent finch flight cage
  • Features ½" wire spacing recommended for cockatiel cage habitats
  • Wrought iron non-toxic powder-coated finish
  • Spacious design is perfect for breeding
  • Includes two wood perches and six plastic feeding stations beside up-sliding doors
  • Two large front doors for easy access to your pet birds

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1/2" Wire Spacing
40" L X 30" W X 72" H
Interior Height: 62"
SKU: 1455869

A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Platinum Bird Cage
$449.99 $369.95



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