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Planet Petco Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter
Planet Petco Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter
Planet Petco Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter

Planet Petco Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter – Natural Pine Cat Litter & Kitty Litter Pellets

Control litter box odors with Planet Petco Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter. This natural pine cat litter neutralizes ammonia odors to help keep your cat’s litter box fresh and clean. Planet Petco’s pine kitty litter pellets are made from environmentally conscious materials.

Indoor cats need access to a litter box or litter pan to answer nature’s call. It can be a messy or smelly business, but not if you use the right kind of litter. Natural pine cat litter can neutralize unwanted ammonia odors on contact, making it ideal for your furry friend’s litter box. Pine litter is also biodegradable, making it an environmentally conscious choice among cat litter varieties.

Planet Petco Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter leaves a healthier environment for both you and your pet. The 100% compressed wood kitty litter pellets naturally neutralize ammonia odors, so your house smells fresh and clean. The pellets also do not break apart or cake on the bottom of the litter pan, making cleaning and emptying the pan easy for you. In addition to reducing odor and caking, pine pellets cause less dust and tracking than many other types of litter.

Planet Petco Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter is made from pine lumber by-products. The supplier of the wood used to make the kitty litter pellets is certified in forestry practices by the Forest Stewardship Council. Trees are grown and harvested for use while the land is replanted. The Southern Yellow Pine industry is considered an agricultural crop with a multi-year rotation. Planet Petco’s natural pine cat litter is biodegradable and can be used for mulch or compost. These pellets come in a recyclable bag that can be reused to create other useful items.

Planet Petco Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter

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  • Natural pine cat litter made with pine by-products from the lumber industry
  • Neutralizes litter box odors naturally
  • All natural formula with no harmful chemicals or additives
  • Environmentally conscious, safe and biodegradable
  • No dust or tracking with kitty litter pellets

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40 lbs.
Pack of 2 - 20 lb. bags
SKU: 1376144M2

Planet Petco Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter
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