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Petco Designer Brown Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage

Petco Designer Brown Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage - Rustic Parakeet Bird Cage and Parakeet Economy Cage available online at

Give your feathered friend an elegant and rustic home with the Petco Designer Brown Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage. This stylish parakeet bird cage has everything you are looking for in a home for your pet.

The Petco Ranch Style parakeet economy cage features a variety of accessories added for your bird's comfort and happiness. The enclosure comes with two ½" dowel perches - the ideal size for parakeets. This bird cage also comes with two plastic dishes for food and water; the dishes are designed with plastic hoods to keep your parakeet's mealtime messes to a minimum.

You will have plenty of room to house one or two birds in the Petco Designer Brown Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage. The gabled ranch-style roof and spacious design provide your pet with ample living space. Feel free to fill in the parakeet economy cage's space with additional toys (sold separately) to keep your pet entertained.

The Petco Designer Brown Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage is finished in a rustic brown, complementing the traditional ranch look of the cage. The tasteful color and unique design of this parakeet bird cage are sure to suit any style of décor in your home.

This cage is made with sturdy wires spaced at ½" - perfect for keeping your parakeet safe and secure. You can easily access your pet through the parakeet economy cage's large front door; two additional access doors let you easily change out food and water without the hassle of dismantling the entire setup.

The Petco Ranch Style parakeet bird cage features a wide plastic base to collect seeds and pet waste. A wire grate keeps your pet up and out of the mess that accumulates at the bottom of the cage. To clean, simply remove the convenient pull-out tray that has collected the mess. Clean and replace the tray for fast, easy maintenance.

Petco Designer Brown Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage

Internet Price: $39.99

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  • Stylish parakeet bird cage for your feathered friend
  • Ranch roof and rustic color will look great in any home
  • Complete with two perches and two hooded dishes for food and water
  • Multiple front entry doors for easy access to your pet and food/water dishes
  • Pull out plastic tray makes cleaning your parakeet economy cage easy

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1/2" Wire Spacing
16.5" L X 11.8" W X 22" H
SKU: 1282999


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