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Petco Designer Green Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage

Petco Designer Green Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage - Parakeet Economy Cage and Parakeet Bird Cage selection from petco.com

Welcome your feathered friend home to the Petco Designer Green Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage. This enclosure is absolutely ideal for your parakeet because of a variety of great features and a parakeet-friendly design. The parakeet bird cage's sturdy wires are spaced at ½", perfect for keeping your pet safe and secure. This parakeet economy cage includes two ½" dowel perches as well as two dishes for food and water. Both dishes come with clear hoods to help prevent your bird from making a mess at mealtime.

The stylish look of the Petco Designer Green Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage makes it a perfect fit for any room in your home. The green finish is subtle yet elegant, ideal for adding a bit of tranquility to your space. The ranch-style top and gables give this parakeet economy cage a touch of rustic charm that echoes antique bird cages. The parakeet bird cage's spacious design provides plenty of room for not just your feathered friend but also additional toys and accessories (sold separately) to keep him happy and entertained.

The Petco Designer Green Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage is made for easy access and hassle-free maintenance. The large front door with ornate detailing provides easy access to your pet inside the parakeet bird cage. Two additional access doors let you reach the food and water dishes to take out the old and add new. The wide plastic base collects food debris and pet waste, keeping the mess inside the cage and not on your furniture. A convenient pull-out tray lets you clean out the base of the parakeet economy cage without disturbing your pet or dismantling the entire setup.

Petco Designer Green Ranch Style Top Parakeet Cage

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  • Elegant parakeet bird cage ideal for your feathered friend
  • Stylish ranch-top roof and green finish will look great in any home
  • Complete with two perches and two hooded dishes for food and water
  • Multiple front doors for easily accessing your pet and conducting routine maintenance
  • Pull out plastic tray makes cleaning a breeze
  • Inclusive parakeet economy cage that features everything your bird needs in a home

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1/2" Wire Spacing
16.5" L X 11.8" W X 22" H
SKU: 1281984


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