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Petco Power Filter 5 Replacement Filter Cartridges

Petco Power Filter 5 Replacement Filter Cartridges

Made just for our desktop model aquariums, the Petco Power Filter 5 Replacement Filter Cartridges are a handy and easy way to keep fish swimming in healthy, clean, clear water. Activated carbon helps reduce discoloration, odors and toxins that are unhealthy for your pets and can turn your beautiful aquascape into a cloudy mess. Filter cartridges use mechanical filtration by catching larger particles and biological filtration by cultivating and maintaining beneficial bacteria. You can help keep your fish tank crystal clear by replacing the filter cartridges every month and not overfeeding your pet fish.

Petco Power Filter 5 Replacement Filter Cartridges

Internet Price: $3.99

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  • Activated carbon helps keep aquarium water clean and clear
  • Disposable, easy to use cartridge
  • Mechanical and biological filtraion

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2" L X 0.5" W X 4" H
For use with PETCO 2.5 Gallon Desktop Aquarium
For use with PETCO Hex Freshwater Aquarium
Pack of 3 cartridges
SKU: 1344927

Repeat Delivery Price: $3.39

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