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Petco Hex Freshwater Aquarium

Petco Hex Freshwater Aquarium - Compact Desktop Fish Tank and Small Fish Tank Accessories from

Add a unique shape and soothing ambiance to any room with the Petco Hex Freshwater Aquarium. This 2 gallon small fish tank is a great setup for both first time aquarists and veteran hobbyists alike. It utilizes a hexagon design to both save space and look interesting. The acrylic tank comes complete with a plastic hood with hinged feeding door, a quiet power filter, and a low voltage LED light pod. The spacey LED light pod design comes with three light settings. That way, you can enjoy your small fish tank and finned friends throughout the day.

The Petco Hex Freshwater Aquarium is perfect as a desktop fish tank because of its geometric space-saving design. Whereas many fish tanks are shaped like long and narrow rectangles, the hexagon design makes great use of vertical space and takes up less than 1 square food to counter space. This makes it a great desktop fish tank for office desks, nightstands, dorm rooms, and other small spaces.

Taking care of the Petco Hex Freshwater Aquarium is a breeze. This small fish tank is easy to clean with acrylic-specific tools and materials. The power filter uses cartridges that are easy to install and remove. Since this desktop fish tank has a capacity of just 2 gallons, you never have to worry about hauling around a huge amount of water during maintenance. All you have to add are decorations, water, and, of course, your newest finned friends! The 2 gallon capacity makes this tank ideal for small fish like guppies or Bettas which require few additional accessories, taking up still very little space. Once you have your whole tank put together, enjoy the serene, captivating motion of a beautiful aquarium complete with engaging freshwater fish.

Petco Hex Freshwater Aquarium

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  • Cool hexagon shape made of easy-to-care-for acrylic
  • Space-saving design makes this a great desktop fish tank
  • Energy-efficient LED lights provide bright, energy-efficient lighting
  • Quiet, internal filter with easy-to-replace cartridges
  • Safe, low voltage power supply
  • 2 gallon capacity ideal for use as a small fish tank

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8"L X 9.5"W X 12"H
2 gallons
SKU: 1343840


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