ABO Gear Brown Cat Fun Tunnel
ABO Gear Brown Cat Fun Tunnel
ABO Gear Brown Cat Fun Tunnel

ABO Gear Brown Cat Fun Tunnel - Entertaining Cat Play Tunnel and More Cat Tunnel Accessories from petco.com

Provide your cat with endless fun with the ABO Gear Brown Cat Fun Tunnel. At 4' feet long and 10 inches high, this cat play tunnel is big enough to handle felines of all shapes and sizes from tiny kittens to hefty cats. The cat tunnel provides shelter while at the same time allowing cats to peer out via the two entrances as well as the two port holes. These features cater to your cat's natural desire to play and rest in private, covered areas. Whether napping or playing, your cat will always find an enjoyable use for this cat play tunnel.

The ABO Gear Brown Cat Fun Tunnel is covered in a durable, faux fur shell with luscious chocolate brown coloring. The interior of the cat tunnel is lined with a silky fabric that crinkles whenever your cat walks on it, creating a fun and interesting surface for him to enjoy. At one end of the cat play tunnel, your feline friend can entertain himself with the delightful dangling ball suspended inside the shell.

Kitty roughhousing can take its toll on cat toys, which is why the ABO Gear Brown Cat Fun Tunnel is designed to stand up to forceful felines. Sprung steel frames the cat tunnel, keeping its shape intact for his future enjoyment. The Fun Tunnel folds and ties down for quick and easy storage, making it ideal for occasional use or travel. You can even tie two of the cat tunnels together to make one large tunnel for even more feline fun!

ABO Gear Brown Cat Fun Tunnel

Internet Price: $49.99   Today's Price: $37.49  (Save 25%)

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  • Soft, durable faux fur shell in luxurious chocolate brown
  • Tie two together for a longer cat play tunnel
  • Sprung steel frame keeps shape
  • Folds and ties easily for quick storage
  • Crinkle lining, two peepholes and a dangling toy add plenty of fun for your feline
  • Great cat tunnel for traveling with your feline friend

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52" L X 10" H
SKU: 1400584

ABO Gear Brown Cat Fun Tunnel
$49.99 $37.49



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