Petco Anubias Betta Aquarium Plant
Petco Anubias Betta Aquarium Plant
Petco Anubias Betta Aquarium Plant

Petco Anubias Betta Aquarium Plant - Fish Tank Decorations and Aquarium Accessories from

Enhance the natural beauty of your aquarium with the Petco Anubias Betta Aquarium Plant. The look and feel of this decoration are designed with your Betta in mind. Soft, silky leaves make this one of the most ideal aquarium accessories to accommodate a Betta's delicate fins. Your fish will be able to swim between and around the plant, even sleep inside its fronds! Fish tank decorations like the Anubias provide shelter that helps keep Bettas stress-free, allowing their colors to appear most vibrant. And a vibrant Betta will contrast in a spectacular way against the vivid green of this aquarium accessory plant.

The Petco Anubias Betta Aquarium Plant is the perfect addition to your aquarium accessories, especially if you own or plan to have more than one Betta living in the same tank. Female Bettas can usually be housed with each other as well as with other peaceful fish species. Even so, it is a good idea to include fish tank decorations like the Anubias plant to give the more mild-tempered fish a hiding place if they want to avoid the more dominant Betta females.

Besides serving as an ideal decoration for Bettas, the Anubias plant adds the natural beauty of your aquatic environment. The plant's weighted base "roots" it to ground and allows the silky leaves to sway gently in the water just like a living plant. Standing just 4.5 inches high, the Anubias is the perfect size for any aquarium, even small tanks and bowls. And while it is designed for use in aquariums, especially those that are home to Betta fish, the Anubias plant is safe for use in terrariums and vivariums. You can find all your essential aquarium accessories and fish tank decorations at

Petco Anubias Betta Aquarium Plant

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  • Adds interest and natural beauty to your aquarium
  • Ideal size for foreground fish tank decorations or use in small tanks
  • Designed for environments housing Betta fish
  • Weighted rock-like base adds stability
  • Safe aquarium accessories for terrariums and vivariums

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1.5" W X 4.5" H
SKU: 1285360

Petco Anubias Betta Aquarium Plant
$2.99 $1.49

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