Trixie DreamWorld Gandia Cat Tower
Trixie DreamWorld Gandia Cat Tower
Trixie DreamWorld Gandia Cat Tower

Trixie DreamWorld Gandia Cat Tower – Cat Scratching Post & Small Cat Tree

Give your feline friend the perfect place to scratch and claw with the Trixie DreamWorld Gandia Cat Tower. This small cat tree is covered in luxurious plush and durable sisal, a natural fiber ideal scratching and clawing cats. The compact cat scratching post features places to claw as well as lounge in plush comfort.

Cats instinctively scratch and claw for a variety of reasons. Scratching helps cats relieve stress and anxiety, satisfying an emotional and psychological need. Scratching also helps cats shed old claws and sharpen new ones, promoting healthy and natural claw growth. Clawing can also help cats exercise by stretching their legs and backs to reach raised or inclined surfaces. A cat scratching post is a great accessory to help focus your cat’s scratching energies and needs. That way, you can direct your cat’s scratching attention away from curtains and sofas and towards your new small cat tree.

The Trixie DreamWorld Gandia Cat Tower is sure to provide your pampered pet with endless playtime and lounging opportunities. This small cat tree features a post covered in sisal, a durable and natural fiber that is absolutely ideal for a cat scratching post.

The rest of the cat tower is covered in luxurious long plush – the perfect material for making your lounging kitty comfortable. Your pet is sure to love lying in the raised plush hollow and then rustling down the plush tunnel. Cats sitting in the either the hollow or the tunnel can always enjoy a great view of everything around them while relaxing in comfort. The Trixie DreamWorld Gandia Cat Tower is entirely cream colored, a lovely yet neutral tone that is sure to fit into any decor.

Trixie DreamWorld Gandia Cat Tower

Internet Price: $64.99   Today's Price: $45.49  (Save 30%)

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  • Small cat tree with natural sisal and long plush
  • Satisfies your cat’s natural instincts to scratch and claw
  • Plush lying hollow is ideal for napping and lounging
  • Rustling tunnel provides added fun and exercise
  • Cream colored cat scratching post fits with nearly any decor

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15.5" L x 23.5" W x 26.75" H
Post: 3.5" Diameter
SKU: 1383175

Trixie DreamWorld Gandia Cat Tower
$64.99 $45.49



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