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Trixie DreamWorld Nerja Cat Scratching Post

Trixie DreamWorld Nerja Cat Scratching Post – Cat Tree & Cat Scratcher

Play, nap, and scratch. The Trixie DreamWorld Nerja Cat Scratching Post supports cats in doing what they love best. This stylish cat tree is an effective cat scratcher and condo all in one.

Cats live to pounce, jump, climb and run. The unique design of the Trixie DreamWorld Nerja Cat Scratching Post makes it ideal for play. The sturdy sisal posts are great for your cat to climb, while the special sisal wave board offers a running and jumping platform. All of this play helps hone your cat’s natural agility, grace and strength.

The sisal posts and sisal wave board also make this a perfect cat scratcher. Each post can serve as a scratching post, while your cats can also scratch as they lounge comfortably on the sisal wave board. Scratching is a healthy activity that allows cats to mark their territory and relieve stress and anxiety.

No day is complete without some rest and relaxation. The Trixie DreamWorld Nerja Cat Scratching Post provides a cozy condo for snoozing the long afternoons away. The cat tree condo is shady and private. It also includes a soft cushion pad for ultimate comfort. A second cushion on the sisal wave board allows your cat to lounge out in the open and observe the goings on of your household.

This effective cat tree is a stylish piece of cat furniture that will look good under the roof of any cat parent. You will get the pleasure of watching your cat incorporate this cat scratcher into routine play. Watch your cat leap, twist and climb up and around the sisal posts and wave board before crawling into the condo for a well-deserved nap! This cat furniture can entertain multiple cats at any age.

Trixie DreamWorld Nerja Cat Scratching Post

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  • All-in-one cat scratcher, condo and lounger
  • Scratching post and board constructed from extra durable sisal, perfect for scratching
  • Cat tree includes two removable cushion pads for the utmost comfort
  • Cat condo provides excellent lounging and napping area
  • Unique wave board encourages play and exercise

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16" L X 30.25" W X 38.75" H
SKU: 1383140

$129.99 $79.18