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Trixie DreamWorld Altea Tan Paw Print Cat Tree

Trixie DreamWorld Altea Tan Paw Print Cat Tree – Scratching Post & Cat Furniture Tree

The Trixie DreamWorld Altea Tan Paw Print Cat Tree is designed to provide your favorite feline friends with endless playtime, scratching and lounging opportunities. This cat furniture tree features five scratching posts and three large platforms, which are ideal for play as well as comfortable rests and naps.

Cats possess a natural instinct to stalk, run, pounce and climb. The Trixie DreamWorld Altea Tan Paw Print Cat Tree encourages these exercises in the form of natural play. Your cats will quickly incorporate this cat furniture tree into their games, while also honing important skills and burning excess energy.

The Trixie DreamWorld Altea Tan Paw Print Cat Tree is also a great scratching post option. Scratching is a healthy activity for cats that helps them mark their territory, relieve stress and shed old claws. Your cat will come to rely on this cat furniture tree as the best scratching post in the house. The five sturdy sisal posts that support this structure can hold up against heavy scratching. They also make a great climbing option.

This cat tree will be your feline’s first stop during playtime and cat naps. It offers three comfortable, plush platforms for cats to rest on while observing your home. Cats love to be off the ground so they can watch what all the humans are up to. This cat tree gives them several great vantage points and is sure to become a favorite resting spot for all your kitties. The platforms and the base of this cat tower are stamped with decorative paw prints to add some feline fun to your home.

The dangling pom pom attached to this cat tree is a fun toy that can capture your cat’s attention and quickly turn boredom into excitement. Altogether, this cat tree is a great piece of cat furniture that can support play and rest, becoming your cat’s favorite scratching post.

Trixie DreamWorld Altea Tan Paw Print Cat Tree

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  • Cat tree features three large platforms for rest and relaxation
  • Five sisal scratching post supports provide an outlet for your cat's natural scratching needs
  • Interactive cat furniture tree provides fun and entertainment for pets and pet parents
  • Plush dangling pom pom adds more interest for your cats

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15.75" L X 15.75" W X 46" H
SKU: 1383361

$59.99 $47.99