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Trixie DreamWorld Altea Platinum Gray Cat Tree

Trixie DreamWorld Altea Platinum Gray Cat Tree – Premium Cat Scratching Post and Cat Furniture

Provide your feline friend with endless playtime on the Trixie DreamWorld Altea Platinum Gray Cat Tree. This tall, multi-tiered cat scratching post includes fabrics and features that your cat is sure to love. Plush platforms and sisal posts make this piece of cat furniture ideal for pets that love to claw, climb and recline in luxurious comfort.

The Trixie DreamWorld Altea Platinum Gray Cat Tree caters to a number of your cat’s natural instincts. Cats scratch and claw to satisfy a number of desires including: stress relief, communication, territory marking with scratches and scent, maintaining claw health and exercise. Cats usually choose a prominent piece of furniture to consistently scratch – sofas and chairs are very common. Providing your pet with a cat scratching post not only gives them a dedicated place to exhibit their natural scratching behavior but may also keep your other furniture from becoming an object for scratching and clawing.

The Trixie DreamWorld Altea Platinum Gray Cat Tree features five scratching posts covered in tough sisal rope. Sisal is a durable, natural fiber that can stand up to constant scratching and clawing, making it ideal for use with cat furniture. The three large platforms and base of the cat scratching post are covered in comfortable plush so your cat can rest comfortably at a variety of heights. A dangling plush pompom toy hanging from the top platform adds even more interest and excitement to this fun and functional piece of cat furniture.

Trixie DreamWorld Altea Platinum Gray Cat Tree

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  • Tall cat scratching post perfect for scratching and resting
  • Features three large, plush-covered platforms
  • Five sisal scratching posts cater to your cat’s natural scratching instincts
  • Specialized cat furniture can draw your cat’s attention away from scratching home furnishings
  • Tallest platform provides your cat with the height they desire in a resting spot
  • Plush dangling pompom toy adds fun and excitement
  • Dimensions: floor area 15.75”x15.75”; height 46”

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15.75" L X 15.75" W X 46" H
SKU: 1383086

$55.99 $39.29