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Trixie DreamWorld Alicante Cat Tree
Trixie DreamWorld Alicante Cat Tree
Trixie DreamWorld Alicante Cat Tree

Trixie DreamWorld Alicante Cat Tree – High Quality Cat Tree and Cat Furniture

Provide your cat with endless playtime and a dedicated place for scratching with the Trixie DreamWorld Alicante Cat Tree. The design of this premium cat furniture features six scratching posts that cater to your cat’s natural desire to scratch and claw. Cats’ natural clawing behavior keeps their claws trim and fresh, which promotes their health and happiness. Your cat will love climbing up and down the three plush-covered platforms – purrfect for napping and lounging. He will also enjoy sneaking in and out of the plush-lined cat tree condo designed with two entrances, giving your cat easy access all of the time.

While your cat is enjoying all the great features the Trixie DreamWorld Alicante Cat Tree has to offer, you as a pet parent will surely appreciate the durability and quality construction that go into this premium cat tree. Cat furniture must stand up to tough use from cats since clawing and scratching are part of their daily (if not hourly) routine. That’s why this cat tree uses sisal – a durable rope material – to cover all of its scratching posts. Sisal’s natural fibers not only withstand constant scratching but in fact encourage it so that your cat always has a reliable outlet for his natural scratching needs.

Your cat will always feel a natural urge to scratch and claw, so it only makes sense to provide a dedicated place for him to do so. The Trixie DreamWorld Alicante Cat Tree gives your feline friend all the scratchable, climbable cat furniture he needs, saving your own human-friendly furniture in the process. It is a great tool for keeping your bigger cats occupied and entertained as well as teaching younger cats which areas are meant for scratching and clawing.

Cat Tree Features:

  • 1 condo (12.5" L X 16.75" W X 9.75" H)
  • 2 posts (3.5" D X 15.75" H)
  • 2 posts (3.5" D X 19.5" H)
  • 1 post (3.5" D X 12.75" H)
  • 1 post (3.5" D X 14.5" H)
  • 1 platform (15.75" X 9.75" X 11.75")
  • 1 platform (18" X 11.75" X 11.75")
  • 1 platform (14.75" D)

Trixie DreamWorld Alicante Cat Tree

Internet Price: $99.99   Today's Price: $83.32  (Save 17%)

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  • Premium cat furniture includes condo with plush covering and two entryways for easy access
  • Terraced cat tree features three large platforms for relaxing and perching
  • Six sisal scratching posts are the perfect outlet for your cat's natural scratching needs
  • A great way to save your furniture and carpet from wear and tear

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17.5" L X 17.5" W X 55.75" H
SKU: 1383272

Trixie DreamWorld Alicante Cat Tree
$99.99 $83.32



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