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Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed

Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed – Chicken Food & Corn Chicken Feed

If you want your hens to consistently lay strong eggs, you need to provide them with lots of healthy vitamins, minerals and protein. Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed is an advanced chicken food formula that contains all the nutrition your hens need to lay quality eggs.

Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed is a nutrient-rich corn chicken feed that mixes natural plant proteins and wholesome sun-ripened grains. These proteins and grains provide your hens with plenty of energy that they can put to good use laying tasty eggs. This formula only contains natural proteins that come from plants. It does not contain animal proteins or fat.

This chicken food formula also contains lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including calcium. Calcium is an important part of any chicken food, because it is necessary for the production of strong egg shells. You’ll notice the difference in the eggs your hens produce when you start giving them Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed. The nutrients in this corn chicken feed will result in delicious eggs with rich, yellow yolks. Your chickens will also appreciate the taste of this corn chicken feed and will happily peck away when mealtime comes around.

This Brown’s chicken feed can be given to laying hens starting at 18 weeks of age. Whether your chickens lay eggs for the marketplace or just for your own family’s breakfast, this feed can make a big difference to the quality of the eggs they lay. Healthy chickens lay great eggs, and one of the best ways to protect the health of your hens is by giving them a balanced and nutritious feed, like this Brown’s formula.

Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed

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  • Chicken food fortified with vitamins, minerals and calcium for strong egg shells and egg production
  • Corn chicken feed made with natural plant proteins
  • Free of animal proteins and fat
  • High calcium formula for top producing laying hens 18 weeks or older

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