WARE Chew Proof Guinea Pig Cage
WARE Chew Proof Guinea Pig Cage
WARE Chew Proof Guinea Pig Cage

WARE Chew Proof Guinea Pig Cage – Guinea Pig Habitat & Wire Cage

When you bring home a new small pet, make sure you have a safe and secure habitat. The WARE Chew Proof Guinea Pig Cage is a functional wire cage designed to stand up to your pet’s teeth.

Guinea pigs, like many small pets, have front teeth that continuously grow throughout their lifetimes. Even when provided with chew treats and toys, they may still turn their attention to their habitats. A chew resistant home is specially designed to withstand chewing so your pet stays safe and secure.

The WARE Chew Proof Guinea Pig Cage is a durable, all-metal wire cage. The powder coated wire of this guinea pig habitat is strong enough to keep your small pet secure, even if your furry family member likes to chew. The habitat also features a teal blue metal drop pan that can hold bedding or litter.

One big benefit of the WARE Chew Proof Guinea Pig Cage is the simplicity of its design. The wire cage top easily attaches to the metal drop pan. This means you don’t need any tools when you assemble the guinea pig habitat. Just pop the cage on, and the habitat is nearly ready to house your pet. Cleaning the habitat is simple. When your pet’s bedding gets soiled, pop off the top and discard the dirty bedding. You can easily wipe down and dry the metal drop pan. Add new bedding, and your pet’s home will be fresh and clean in minutes!

This guinea pig habitat also gives you plenty of access to your pet. A large door allows you to reach your pet for play time. You can also use the access door to give your pet new food and water.

This reliable habitat provides your pet with space to move and rest in comfort. You can also add a few accessories such as bowls, crocks, tubes, caves or chew treats (all sold separately).

WARE Chew Proof Guinea Pig Cage

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  • All-metal chew-resistant wire cage keeps your small pet safe and secure
  • Easy-to-clean metal drop pan
  • Guinea pig habitat comes with large access door with safety lock
  • Easy no tool assembly
  • Vibrant teal blue color base

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1" Wire Spacing
31" L X 13" W X 12.5" H
SKU: 1363875

WARE Chew Proof Guinea Pig Cage
$46.99 $38.44



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