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Friskies Grillers Cat Food
Friskies Grillers Cat Food
Friskies Grillers Cat Food

Friskies Grillers Cat Food

Unlock a sensory wonderland overflowing with the delectable tastes your cat craves. Step outside the ordinary. It's the peak of mealtime excitement, with enticing aromas, appealing shapes and wide open flavors, including chicken, beef and turkey, plus accents of garden veggies and grill flavor. Friskies Grillers Cat Food contains essential nutrients like those found in fatty acids and zinc to help promote a luxurious, healthy skin and coat while the added antioxidants promote a healthy immune system. In addition, we've made our balanced formula with high-quality proteins that support strong, lean muscles for a long, happy playful life. This ideal everyday meal is 100% complete and balanced for cats of all ages.

Friskies Grillers Cat Food

Internet Price: $6.99 - $18.49   Today's Price: $6.99 - $12.99  (Save up to 30%)

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  • Complete nutrition for cats of all ages
  • Chicken, beef and turkey flavors plus accents of garden veggies and grill flavor
  • Healthy skin and coat promoted by essential fatty acids and zinc
  • High quality proteins support strong, lean muscles
  • Features crunchy, appealing shapes cats love

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3.15 lbs.
SKU: 532398

Friskies Grillers Cat Food, 3.15 lbs.

6.3 lbs.
SKU: 536601

Friskies Grillers Cat Food, 6.3 lbs.

16 lbs.
SKU: 1235290

Friskies Grillers Cat Food, 16 lbs.
$18.49 $12.99

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