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Exquisite Wrasse
Exquisite Wrasse

Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species. Each companion animal is different in shape, color, and personality.

Exquisite Wrasse

Exquisite Wrasse

Also known as Labre exquis (Maldives), Nishiki itohikibera (Japan), Exquisite Fairy Wrasse, or Fyn lipvis (South Africa).

The Exquisite Wrasse is a reef safe wrasse. Also, its coloration may change with its mood. Best kept with other community fish, the Exquisite Wrasse will leave its tank mates alone, except for the smallest shrimp. A peaceful and active fish, a tight fitting lid is highly recommended to prevent jumping.

Exquisite Wrasse

Internet Price: $57.99

Temperament: Community

Reef Safe: Yes

Family: Labridae

Native To: Maldives

Diet: Carnivore

Adult Size: Up to 5"

Temperature: 72-78°F

Water Parameters: pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025

Care Level: Easy

Tank Size: 70+ Gallons

Scientific Name: Cirrhilabrus exquisitus

Environment: Marine

  • Reef safe wrasse
  • Colors may change with the mood of the fish
  • Peaceful and active, but a tight fitting lid is highly recommended due to jumping

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2"-3.5" Length
SKU: 1373013

Exquisite Fairy Wrasse

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