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Pet Loo Pee-Pods
Pet Loo Pee-Pods
Pet Loo Pee-Pods

Pet Loo Pee-Pods

Pee-Pods have been developed to kill harmful airborne bacteria contained in pet waste. The innovative Pee-Pod is a biodegradable container that fits neatly inside the catchment jug of your Pet Loo. On contact the Wee Sponge Powder acts like a magnet rapidly absorbing the liquid waste turning it into a solidified gel. The result significantly reduces bacteria and airborne odors, further increasing the performance of your Pet's loo.

Pee-Pods have been scientifically formulated using patented technology to blend nature & science - creating a product that uses natural materials to give supernatural results. With the Wee Sponge Powder in the Pee-Pod, the Pet Loo's catchment jug is able to hold at least 100 times its weight in liquid and binds odors in a way like no other. The Pee-Pod and Wee Sponge Powder are completely safe to humans and pets, and have been engineered using biodegradable materials, further reducing the carbon footprint of pet waste. Wee Sponge Powder is completely chemical free and can absorb up to 100 times its weight in liquid. With a lifespan of 2-3 days per Pee-Pod, once full simply replace with a fresh one.

What's In The Box:

  • 7 pink Pee-Pod trays
  • 200 g jar of Wee Sponge Powder
  • Easy measure plastic scoop

Pet Loo Pee-Pods

Internet Price: $22.99   Today's Price: $19.95  (Save 13%)

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  • Wee Sponge acts like a magnet rapidly absorbing liquid waste & turning it into solidified gel
  • Significantly reduces bacteria & airborne odors
  • Completely safe to humans & made with biodegradable materials
  • One Pee-Pod has a 2-3 day lifespan
  • Fits any size Pet Loo

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200 g
Pack of 7 trays
SKU: 1363050

Pet Loo Pee-Pods
$22.99 $19.95



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