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TetraPond Waterfall Filter

TetraPond Waterfall Filter - Effective Fish Pond Filter and Waterfall Pond Filter

Designed to add beauty and serenity to any outdoor garden or fish pond, the TetraPond Waterfall Filter makes for an excellent pond filter choice as it means effective filtration for ponds up to 1,000 gallons. Developed for easy use and versatility, this waterfall filter can be added to new or existing pre-form or liner ponds without cutting into the liner. This TetraPond waterfall fish pond filter provides mechanical filtration along with a beautiful waterfall. It is easy to install and will blend into practically any outdoor landscape. In addition, this waterfall filter comes with a mesh bag that allows for the addition of bio-media (not included) for effective biological filtration. Boasting a rugged construction, this TetraPond filter will provide years of effective filtration and outdoor enjoyment.

Get your creativity wet and design a water garden or fish pond that will offer you and your guests years of tranquil splendor and enjoyment. As a waterfall adds movement and intrigue to outdoor aquascapes, a waterfall is also beneficial in that it helps to provide healthy aeration for fish and fauna. Be it small or large, adding a unique flowing water component to your outdoor landscape is bound to be a conversation piece for all to enjoy.

TetraPond Waterfall Filter

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  • Fish pond filter that quickly and easily creates beautiful waterfalls in any size pond
  • Waterfall pond filter that offers effective filtration for ponds up to 1,000 gallons
  • Works with pumps from 500-4,000 GPH
  • Easy to install and blends into practically any landscape

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For Ponds up to 1,000 gallons
SKU: 1360868

$89.99 $67.49


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