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WARE Premium + Chick-N-Cabin Chicken Coop
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WARE Premium + Chick-N-Cabin Chicken Coop – Backyard Chicken Coop & Chicken Coop Kit

Chickens are delightful outdoor pets that can produce delicious eggs. Give your chickens a secure and weather resistant home with the WARE Premium + Chick-N-Cabin Chicken Coop. This charming chicken coop kit provides your flock with sheltered areas and open air areas, so you can have happy and safe chickens.

The WARE Premium + Chick-N-Cabin Chicken Coop is made of high quality materials that are designed to last. This backyard chicken coop features top grade lumber using a tongue and groove construction. The wood is coated with non-toxic stain to ensure the health of your flock. Galvanized wire panels give your chickens plenty of sunshine and fresh air while keeping them securely in the backyard chicken coop. This chicken coop kit is made with a loving touch: the heart shaped knobs that keep the panels in place.

Your chickens will be safe and protected within the WARE Premium + Chick-N-Cabin Chicken Coop. A weather resistant shingled roof keeps off the rain and holds up against tough weather. The sheltered hutch gives them a protected refuge at night or during inclement weather. Your flock can enjoy the open air foraging area at the bottom of the chicken coop kit. The foraging area offers enough space so your pets can walk, peck at grubs and stretch their wings.

This backyard chicken coop provides plenty of access so you can keep the coop clean and interact easily with your chickens. Two removable screen front panels and a removable side wooden panel make accessing the coop very convenient. This spacious coop can house up to four chickens, depending on breed and size.

To make this charming coop even more roomy, consider adding the WARE Premium + Chick-N-Pen Chicken Run (sold separately). Another addition to consider is the WARE Premium + Universal Chick-N-Nest Chicken Nesting Box, (also sold separately), so your birds have more space to lay their eggs.

WARE Premium + Chick-N-Cabin Chicken Coop

Internet Price: $489.99

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  • Charming backyard chicken coop, perfect for the backyard enthusiast
  • Chicken coop kit constructed from top grade lumber with tongue and groove construction
  • Roof is made with waterproof shingles to withstand the elements
  • Simple to assemble with all hardware included
  • Houses up to four chickens, depending on breed and size

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48" L X 45.5" W X 37.25" H
Fits 4-6 birds
Model 01461
SKU: 1342932