Aqueon Betta Pellets Betta Food
Aqueon Betta Pellets Betta Food
Aqueon Betta Pellets Betta Food

Aqueon Betta Pellets Betta Food

Aqueon foods contain only natural ingredients and contain no artificial colors. The colors of the foods are attributed to the actual ingredients in the formula, and help to bring out the natural colors in your fish, while keeping them energetic and healthy. Aqueon Betta Pellets contain shrimp and other ingredients that bettas love, and are the perfect size to prevent overfeeding. Formulated so that fish will utilize more of what they eat, creating less waste. Premium ingredients that naturally attract fish, support a healthy immune system, bring out their true colors and provide the essentials for proper growth and vitality.

Aqueon Betta Pellets Betta Food

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  • Natural ingredients and colors with added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients
  • Will not cloud water when fed as directed
  • Brings out true colors and essentials for proper growth
  • Helps support a healthy immune system
  • Made in the USA

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Aqueon Betta Pellets Betta Food
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