Oceanic BioCube Circulation Aquarium Pump
Oceanic BioCube Circulation Aquarium Pump
Oceanic BioCube Circulation Aquarium Pump

Oceanic BioCube Circulation Aquarium Pump - Circulation Aquarium Water Pumps and BioCube Inline Aquarium Water Pumps

The Oceanic BioCube Circulation Pump simulates natural river and reef currents by continuously circulating water throughout your aquarium. With a 250 gallon per hour flow rating, these BioCube circulation aquarium water pumps make for great additions to any nano reef aquariums. Featuring easy-lock suction cups that make installation and adjustments a snap, these BioCube circulation pumps are convenient and simple to use. For added convenience, these submersible aquarium pumps have cord-holding clips on both sides, which allow them to be mounted and positioned according to your unique preferences. Boasting a clean and sleek look, these water pumps are bound to blend in with your aquatic wonderland swimmingly! Fully submersible, these inline aquarium water pumps have been designed to fit all sizes of BioCube aquariums as well as other aquariums 30 gallons and under. With an energy-efficient motor, these BioCube circulation water pumps also have an impeller that conveniently increases water movement using less power. Create peaceful river currents within your aquarium while also maintaining a beautiful aquatic wonderland for your aquarium inhabitants with this energy-efficient circulation water pump that is simple to use.

Oceanic BioCube Circulation Aquarium Pump

Internet Price: $29.99   Today's Price: $22.49  (Save 25%)

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  • Aquarium water pumps that fit all sizes of BioCube Aquariums
  • Easy-lock suction cup installation, adjustments a snap
  • Convenient cord-holding clips on both sides allow for positioning anywhere
  • Inline aquarium water pumps with efficient, energy-saving motors
  • Simulates natural river currents
  • Features 250 gallon per hour flow rate

Shipping Usually Leaves Warehouse within 24 hours

250 GPH
For Aquariums up to 30 gallons
2.6 Watts
SKU: 2180383

Oceanic BioCube Circulation Aquarium Pump
$29.99 $22.49



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