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Zoo Med Aquatic Frog & Tadpole Food

Zoo Med Aquatic Frog & Tadpole Food - High-Protein Frog Food

Developed with the interests of frogs and tadpoles in mind, Zoo Med Aquatic Frog & Tadpole Food makes for an excellent and convenient way to care for your pet frogs or tadpoles. Consisting of sinking micro pellets that contain high amounts of protein, this tadpole and frog food can be fed to all types of aquatic frogs or tadpoles. As many herpetoculturists and aquatic frog enthusiasts know, frogs and tadpoles are not vegetarians nor are they fond of just eating vegetables alone. They cannot simply be fed with store-bought produce, as is done with other species of reptiles. This makes caring for a pet frog a bit more work than most people anticipate. In addition to requiring high amounts of protein, frogs need calcium and vitamin D3 regularly in order to avoid developing metabolic bone disease. This aquatic frog and tadpole formula consists of micro pellets that sink, making it easier for tadpoles to catch and to feed. Provide your pet aquatic frogs and tadpoles with the care they need and deserve with frog and tadpole food from the #1 name for reptile products worldwide, Zoo Med. Proudly made in the USA.

Zoo Med Aquatic Frog & Tadpole Food

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  • For all types of aquatic frogs and tadpoles
  • Sinking micro pellets
  • High protein frog food
  • From Zoo Med - #1 worldwide for reptile products
  • Made in the USA

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