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Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter
Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter
Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter

Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter – Ceramic Heat Lamp & Basking Heat Lamp

Help your reptile stay warm and toasty with the Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter. This high quality and durable ceramic heat lamp provides long lasting heat without creating any light that would interrupt your pet’s sleeping patterns.

Reptiles, like snakes and lizards, need an external heat source to help them regulate their body temperature. In the wild, these animals will typically curl up on a warm, sunny rock or log. Recreate this environment with the Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter. This basking heat lamp delivers penetrating heat that warms your pet rather than the terrarium. More heat means more comfort for your pet. This ceramic heat lamp can lead to higher levels of activity and support your pet’s overall health. The heat emitter also allows you to create a welcomed basking spot for your pet while also keeping other parts of the habitat relatively cool. Reptiles do best when they have access to warm basking spots and cooler spots to relax.

When you take the Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter out of the box, you’ll notice that the heat lamp is black. Unlike daylight heating bulbs, this basking heat lamp does not generate any residual light. Use this heat lamp day and night to keep your pet warm. At night, this no-light heat lamp allows your pet to experience a more natural and relaxing nocturnal environment. The basking heat lamp will also ensure that your pet’s sleep or nocturnal activities are not interrupted by bright light.

This hardy ceramic heat lamp offers excellent heat output and a long working life. The durable ceramic shell resists breaking, which can protect pets and pet parents. This highly functional heat lamp comes in a variety of wattages, so you can choose the appropriate one for your pet’s need. Use this heat lamp with any reptile.

Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter

Internet Price: $34.99 - $41.99   Today's Price: $18.41 - $20.99  (Save up to 50%)

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  • Heat lamp provides heat for pet reptiles
  • Zero light emissions make it perfect for day or night
  • Basking heat lamp promotes higher level of activity and better overall health
  • Functions as a nocturnal heat lamp; won’t interrupt sleep patterns
  • Tough ceramic heat lamp resists accidental breakage

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50 Watts
SKU: 1287869

Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter
$34.99 $18.41
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100 Watts
SKU: 1288059

Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter
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$39.99 $19.99
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150 Watts
SKU: 1288040

Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter
$41.99 $20.99
Repeat Delivery Price: $33.59


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