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Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack
Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack
Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack

Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack - Basking Heat Lamp & Infrared Heat Lamp

The Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack is ideal for keeping your reptile family member warm and comfortable throughout the day and night. The combo pack contains a basking heat lamp bulb for use during the day and an infrared heat lamp bulb for use during the night.

The basking heat lamp provides warmth and light for your pet during the day. Your pet will love stretching out under the bright rays of this bulb and soaking up its warmth. In the absence of direct sunlight shining in your pet's habitat, the basking heat lamp will provide realistic daytime light so your pet will feel right at home. The bulb is designed with a double reflector that sends light and heat into the habitat, creating a warm basking spot. Outside of this basking spot, your pet will have a cooler area to rest and relax. This basking bulb also provides beneficial UVA rays, which promote a healthy appetite and overall wellbeing.

The Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack also contains a nighttime infrared heat lamp. It is made of true red glass that creates ideal nighttime lighting and heat for your pet. Warmth radiates out from this lamp to make a comfortable and inviting habitat for your pet, day or night. If your reptile is nocturnal, nighttime is when your reptile family member will be most active. The soft, dim glow of the infrared heat lamp provides ample light for viewing nocturnal activities without disturbing your pet.

The Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack is a great way to light your pet's habitat day or night. It satisfies 24-hour heating needs for your favorite reptile family member, helping keep your pet happy, healthy and comfortable at every time of day.

Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack

Internet Price: $24.99   Today's Price: $18.74  (Save 25%)

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  • Includes one daylight basking heat lamp and one infrared heat lamp
  • Daylight basking bulb emits a concentrated heat source for basking reptiles
  • Daylight basking bulb provides beneficial UVA rays that promote overall wellbeing
  • Infrared nocturnal bulb provides 24-hour heat without disrupting day/night cycle
  • Both bulbs have a lasting burn life

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Pack of 2 bulbs
75 Watts
SKU: 1275046

Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack
$24.99 $18.74
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