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Petco Desert Cave Reptile Hideaway
Petco Desert Cave Reptile Hideaway
Petco Desert Cave Reptile Hideaway

Petco Desert Cave Reptile Hideaway - Find this Stunning Reptile Cave and Other Decorative Reptile Cage Accessories Online at

Specially designed with happy herps in mind, our Petco Desert Cave Reptile Hideaway is a realistic desert rock cave for your pet reptile to hide inside and bask on top. Featuring varying striations of color throughout the molded resin that create the look of natural rock, this stunning reptile cave adds a functional element of beauty to your desert-scape. This rock-like cave is bound to give your terrarium the look and feel of the desert that your pet reptile will feel comfortable and happy in. Intended to blend in with the other decorative reptile cage accessories, this reptile hideaway makes for the ideal shelter or basking surface for your precious pet. Give your pet snake, gecko, bearded dragon or frog a safe and cozy place to hide out when they need some alone time and an easy-to-climb basking spot to cozily nap in under a heat lamp. Featuring a high-quality resin construction that gives these intriguing Petco Desert Cave Reptile Hideaways a long life, these rock reptile caves are easy to maintain. Simply scrub them clean with soap and water.

Petco Desert Cave Reptile Hideaway

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  • Natural looking desert rock den
  • Decorative reptile cave made of non-porous and dishwater-safe resin
  • Designed for easy climbing
  • Stunning rock reptile den creates a safe and comfortable hideaway for your pet herp
  • Will surely blend in with other decorative reptile cage accessories

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Petco Desert Cave Reptile Hideaway

10" L X 8" W X 5" H
SKU: 1271601

Petco Desert Cave Reptile Hideaway

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