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Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy
Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy
Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy

Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy –Teaser Cat Toy & Cat Dancer Toy

The Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy looks very simple, but your cat won’t be able to get enough. This teaser cat toy is made up of a spring steel wire with rolled cardboard at the end. All you have to do is swing this Cat Dancer toy around, and your frisky feline will take off after it.

It doesn’t take bright colors or lots of frills to capture your kitty’s attention. The Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy will provide hours of fun and healthy exercise for your cat. Your feline friend will imagine that the cardboard at the end of this Cat Dancer toy is a fluttering bird, a scampering mouse or a crawling bug.

As a pet parent, you can also take a lot of joy in watching your cat stalk, pounce on and race after this teaser cat toy. Your furry friend will also be able to keep occupied while you are away. The Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy can mount to the wall, allowing your cat to stalk, hunt and play all day long.

Cat Dancer Toy Games:
Here are a few games that you can play using this fun teaser cat toy. One piece of advice – watch your cat, not your Cat Dancer.

  • Spin-The-Cat. Lead your cat across the floor with the Cat Dancer wand. When your cat begins to run, bring the Cat Dancer around in a circle toward your pet’s tail. Continue this and your cat could spin around in fun circles.
  • Cat-A-Pult. Lead your cat in a straight line across the floor. Just as your cat reaches the end of the wand, flip it up and arc it through the air back to the floor where you started. With a little practice, your cat might even do a back flip.
  • Cat Dance. Hold the Cat Dancer just a few inches above your cat. As your cat reaches for the Cat Dancer, keep the wand just out of reach. Remain steady and your cat may stand up on back legs and dance a bit for you.

Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy

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  • Includes a spring steel wire and rolled cardboard that provides an irresistible lure for cats
  • Teaser cat toy mimic’s your feline’s favorite things, like birds, butterflies and scampering mice
  • Cat Dancer toy mounts to wall so your kitty can play even when you’re not home

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Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy
$2.99 $2.09

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