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ASL Solutions Dog Palace & Dog Palace Floor Heater
ASL Solutions Dog Palace & Dog Palace Floor Heater
ASL Solutions Dog Palace & Dog Palace Floor Heater

ASL Solutions Dog Palace & Dog Palace Floor Heater – Insulated Dog House & Dog Houses

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, you may worry about your pal during sizzling summer days and icy winter nights. Rest easy with the ASL Solutions Dog Palace & Dog Palace Floor Heater which can offer your pet protection and shelter. This handsome and sturdy insulated dog house and heater combo can help keep your dog comfortable during extreme weather.

Dog houses provide a refuge for pooches when the sun or rain gets to be too much. The ASL Solutions Dog Palace & Dog Palace Floor Heater goes beyond many typical dog houses by providing an extra level of insulation for a high level of temperature control. Each panel of this insulated dog house is packed tight with four inches of Styro/EPS foam. The insulation works in two ways. During the winter months, the insulation will help block the outside cold while keeping in warmth. When the sun starts to scorch, the insulation will hold off the heat while creating a cool and shady retreat for your pup.

Additionally, the dog house comes with a floor heater that will provide even more warmth and comfort on those extra chilly days. The floor heater includes a built in thermostat and electrical fuse to prevent overheating. The heater’s electrical wire exits from the rear of the home, reducing the chance that your dog will trip over the cord.

This insulated dog house includes several other important weatherproofing features that will keep your pooch dry and comfy. The easy pass-through self-closing door won’t let in cold breezes. The bottom half of the door is removable for initial training. The window panels can also be closed during extreme weather or positioned for cross ventilation during mild days. A raised floor keeps your dog’s bedding area warm and dry.

Cleaning these dog houses is easy. The floor is slightly sloped and includes a drain hole. You can spray down the inside with a hose, and the water will efficiently drain away.

Help your pooch stay warm and dry with this innovative and well-made dog house. The ASL Solutions Dog Palace & Dog Palace Floor Heater is sure to keep your dog comfortable in almost any type of weather.

ASL Solutions Dog Palace & Dog Palace Floor Heater

Internet Price: $331.99

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  • Insulated dog house includes thick foam insulation in each panel
  • Floor heater provides additional warmth during cold days
  • Easy pass-through self-closing door
  • Windows can be closed or turned to cross ventilation setting
  • Raised floor includes drain hole for easily cleaning dog houses

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Door: 15.5" W X 18" H
Exterior: 47.5" L X 31.5" W X 38.5" H
Heater: 18" L X 18" W X 0.75" H
Interior: 35.5" L X 24" W X 30.5" H
For Medium & Large Dogs
SKU: k0093

ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace & Dog Palace Floor Heater

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