WARE Premium + Bunny Barn
WARE Premium + Bunny Barn
WARE Premium + Bunny Barn

WARE Premium + Bunny Barn -- Rabbit Cage and Rabbit Hutch from petco.com

Developed with the comfort and well-being of your pet rabbit in mind, the WARE Premium + Bunny Barn presents a unique new concept for the discriminating rabbit owner. Constructed of a durable combination of wood and wire, this dynamic bunny home assembles quickly and easily. Cleverly designed for outdoor use, this spacious and stylish rabbit hutch features two levels-an upper level for sleeping, nesting or resting and a lower level for exercise and play. The top floor of the Bunny Barn offers a comfortable living space that is equipped with a built-in nesting box that will keep your pet bunnies cozy and comfortable, while the bottom floor serves as an enclosed pasture for your bunnies to safely hop about in without the fear of being harmed by predators.

Additionally, this premium rabbit cage features a fully opening roof for "EZ" access to your pet rabbit, enabling you to easily feed him and change out his bedding. To further support proper rabbit hygiene, there is a slide-out floor for cleaning pet waste and spills, as well as for stocking fresh hay. For added safety, there is also a locking door to keep your bunnies secure.

Approximate Finished Dimensions: 37.5"L X 31.5"W X 47"H.

Please Note: All WARE Premium Rabbit Hutches are recommended for dwarf rabbits.

WARE Premium + Bunny Barn

Internet Price: $284.99

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  • Premium rabbit hutch features in a fashionable outdoor home
  • Full opening roof and slide out floor for quick and simple cleaning
  • Includes built-in nesting box
  • Two level rabbit cage includes enclosed pasture
  • Convenient hop-out door that also acts as a ramp for access to lower level
  • "EZ" access to all areas

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37.5" L X 31.5" W X 47" H
SKU: 1277120

WARE Premium + Bunny Barn


WARE Premium + Bunny Barn
WARE Premium + Bunny Barn Yard
WARE Premium + Bunny Barn Yard
WARE Premium + Bunny Barn Yard

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