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Peticure Elite - As Seen on TV

Peticure Elite - As Seen on TV

Nail care is essential for your dog's comfort and health. If your pet's nails touch the floor or you can hear the nails click as your pet walks, your pet is due for a trim. Overgrown nails can cause a variety of problems from deformed feet (splayed toes), hip and back problems, to torn nails. Good nail care is essential to your pet's health and comfort and now thanks to the Peticure Elite you can provide professional grade nail care in your own home.

What sets apart the Peticure Elite from other rotary nail trimmers is the safe guard that has adjustable nail sizes that optimize safety and control. The Peticure has 10 speed settings so you can control the power. The safety guard is a clear plastic cover that covers the filing band and has 6 different sized holes for placing the nail through. The safety guard greatly improves control by stabilizing the nail.
The Safe Guard Eliminates:

  • Accidental hair winding
  • Accidental unwanted contact with the bit
  • Projectile nail dust

The Peticure Elite Includes:
  • Cordless 9.6v rotary filer
  • Rechargeable battery & charger
  • 3 replacement filing bands

Perfect for all dogs and cats, the cordless professional grade tool wields quiet and powerful filing with ergonomic perfection. In seconds your pet's nails are rounded to perfection with a smooth finish eliminating painful scratches. Quickly and easily you can protect your furniture and hardwood floors from scratches. Eliminate the stressful and expensive trips to the groomer's and vet's offices. There is a cure…Peticure!

Peticure Elite - As Seen on TV

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  • Professional grade cordless nail trimmer
  • The painless, easy, and humane way to care for your pet's nails
  • Adjustable nail sizes that optimize safety and control
  • Safe guard eliminates projectile nail dust and stabilizes the nail
  • 3 filing bands with auto-stop feature included
  • Rechargeable battery and charger

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10" Length
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