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Mr. Herzher's Litter Pan Cover in Brown

Mr. Herzher's Litter Pan Cover in Brown – Hidden Litter Box & Cat Litter Boxes

Pet parents may love their furry felines, but that doesn’t mean they want to look at a cat litter box out in the open. Mr. Herzher's Litter Pan Cover in Brown solves this problem by providing an attractive hidden litter box cover made with stylish Rhino Wicker.

Mr. Herzher's Litter Pan Cover in Brown will be a welcome addition into any room in your home. Its warm brown color helps it blend seamlessly with most existing room décors. Most importantly, this hidden litter box cover is made to tastefully conceal the cat litter boxes in your house. The litter box goes right inside the cover, and a large opening allows your cat easy access.

You can also gain easy access to the hidden litter box. When it’s time to scoop out or change the litter, just pull on the hidden latch to release the front panel. The panel will drop down, giving you direct access to the litter box within.

This decorative litter pan cover is made of handsome Rhino Wicker, which won’t absorb fluids or odors. A catch tray provides a defense against stray litter and can help prevent litter from landing on your floor. Mr. Herzher's Litter Pan Cover in Brown sits on four no-slip feet that help stabilize the cover and keep it slightly elevated off the ground. This elevation helps protect your flooring from damage.

This wicker cover is easy to clean. If an accident occurs, just wipe down the wicker with some soap and water. Assembly is also simple. In no time, you’ll have a great way to put your cat litter boxes out of sight.

Make sure to choose the cover size that best fits your cat litter boxes.

Mr. Herzher's Litter Pan Cover in Brown

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  • Stylish hidden litter box cover effectively conceals cat litter boxes
  • Rhino Wicker won't absorb fluids or odors
  • Catch tray minimizes scattered litter
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Front panel opens for easy litter cleaning
  • Non-slip feet protect flooring

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20" L X 16" W X 19" H
SKU: 1274562


23.5" L X 18" W X 20" H
SKU: 1274627


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