Supreme Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food
Supreme Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food
Supreme Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food

Supreme Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food – Chinchilla Food & Chinchilla Diet

Supreme Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food is carefully formulated to provide your chinchilla with complete daily nutrition. Each ingredient in this chinchilla diet has been purposefully selected for its quality, nutritional benefits and high levels of palatability.

Supreme Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food includes grass pellets, alfalfa, wheat bites, peas, corn, raisins, carrots and more. The grass, alfalfa and wheat in this chinchilla diet provide your furry friend with plenty of fiber to help support digestive health. These fiber-rich ingredients also help protect your pet’s dental health by providing a healthy chewing option. The fruits and vegetables in this special blend of chinchilla food carry loads of important vitamins and minerals to help keep your chinchilla happy and healthy. This formula does not contain peanuts or sunflower seeds, which contain high levels of fat.

Supreme Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food is a visually appealing mix of ingredients with varying shapes, sizes and textures. Your pet will enjoy digging through this colorful pile of chinchilla food each meal time and snacking on an assortment of flavors. The variety in your chinchilla’s food bowl can help maintain your pet’s interest every time you add some more of this healthy chinchilla diet.

This Supreme Charlie Chinchilla formula contains all of the nutrition your chinchilla needs in a complete and healthy diet. Every time you pour this chinchilla food into your pet’s bowl, you can know that you are helping to maintain your friend’s health. A healthy chinchilla is a happy chinchilla, and a happy chinchilla will make pet parents smile too!

This chinchilla formula is suitable for chinchillas of any age and comes in a re-sealable bag to keep food fresh and tasty.

Supreme Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food

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  • Features ingredients selected for nutritious benefits and palatability
  • Chinchilla food comes in varied shapes, sizes and textures for added interest
  • Contains alfalfa, wheat bites, peas, maize, raisins, carrots and more
  • High fiber, low fat chinchilla diet
  • Encourages natural foraging behavior
  • Re-sealable bag keeps food fresh and tasty

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Supreme Pet Foods Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food
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