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Zebra Catalina Goby
Zebra Catalina Goby

Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species. Each companion animal is different in shape, color, and personality.

Zebra Catalina Goby

Zebra Catalina Goby

This goby is a beautiful and peaceful fish found in the cool waters off the Coast of California. This is a very active fish that, unlike its tropical counterparts, needs its water to be in the mid 60°F range to thrive. This subtropical species perches on rocks, darts in and out of caves, but may be territorial towards other gobies. In larger tanks, the Zebra Catalina Goby may be kept in small groups.

Zebra Catalina Goby

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Temperament: Community

Reef Safe: Yes

Family: Gobiidae

Native To: Sea of Cortez

Diet: Carnivore

Adult Size: Up to 2"

Temperature: 68-75° F

Water Parameters: dKH 8-12, sg 1.020-1.025, pH 8.1-8.4

Care Level: Moderate

Tank Size: 10+ gallons

Scientific Name: Lythrypnus zebra

Environment: Marine

  • Beautiful, peaceful, yet active
  • Prefers cooler waters in the mid 60°F range
  • Can be kept in small groups in larger tanks

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0.75"-1" Length
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Zebra Catalina Goby
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