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Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center
Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center
Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center

Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center – Surge Protector & Power Strip

The Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center is a complete habitat control in one power strip. Whether you are the pet parent of a snake, lizard or other reptile, you know how important it is to give your pet the right kind of light and warmth.

The Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center makes controlling your reptile’s environment a cinch. This power strip centralizes the control of lights, filters and heaters to help create a healthier reptile habitat. It even offers minute-by-minute accuracy.

Simple fingertip controls included in the power strip make it easy for you to set the week's on/off schedule to mimic a sun cycle for light and heat. This surge protector lets you to control four devices at one time, while allowing four others to run constantly without the risk of any shortages. These outlet options are ideal if you depend on multiple electric devices to maintain your pet’s environment.

This surge protector provides a large and easy-to-read central LCD readout plus internal controls, with fewer mechanical components to break down. It can control up to 1,875 watts and 15 amps.

With the Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center, you can feel confident about leaving your home. While you are away, this advanced device will take care of the temperature and lighting cycles for your reptile. This flexibility and control is great if you have a varied schedule or worry about forgetting to manually manage your terrarium.

Feel confident in your power center – this ruggedly-built surge protector comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center

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  • Power strip can be scheduled in seconds for a week of light and heat cycles
  • Both cycled power and constant current in one device
  • Digital control for maximum system reliability
  • Surge protector includes eight outlets, seven time cycle settings and alternating digital timer settings

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Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Center
$49.99 $29.99



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