Evercare Pet Hair Roller Refills
Evercare Pet Hair Roller Refills
Evercare Pet Hair Roller Refills

Evercare Pet Hair Roller Refills - Disposable Refill Tape Rolls

60-layer refill for Pet Hair Pic-Up.

Developed specifically for the Evercare Pet Hair Roller, the #1 selling roller in the USA, Evercare Pet Hair Roller Refills help to make cleaning up your pet's hair and fur and lint quick and convenient. Each Evercare refill roll consists of super-sticky adhesive layers that effortlessly pick up pet hair and fur and hang onto it until you remove the top layer and toss it in the trash. With these handy refill tape rolls, you no longer have to fuss with attempting to pick up each individual strand of pet hair or fur from your clothing, furniture and flooring. These Evercare roller refills conveniently pick up the remnants of your pet's shedding with a simple roll. For your added convenience, these Evercare refill rolls have been designed for easy sheet removal, making them even simpler to use! Proudly make both you and your home presentable by removing lint as well as the excess pet hair or fur from your adorable pack of canines or pair of kitties with these Evercare pet hair rollers refills today.

Evercare Pet Hair Roller Refills

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  • Super sticky refills designed to fit pet hair rollers
  • Refill tape rolls that instantly remove pet hair, dust, and dirt from various surfaces
  • Picks up the pet hair in its path and hangs onto it until you dispose of it
  • Simple to use -- Remove previous adhesive layer to uncover a new one
  • Designed for the #1 Selling Roller in the USA

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Pack of 4 rolls - 60 sheets per roll
SKU: 26131MP4

Evercare Pet Hair Roller Refills
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