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Terra-Nova The Dachshund Dog Book
Terra-Nova The Dachshund Dog Book
Terra-Nova The Dachshund Dog Book

Terra-Nova The Dachshund Dog Book - From petco.com

Discover a whole new world of Dachshunds.

There is no mistaking the Dachshund. No matter what size or variety, this long-in-body and short-of-leg dog is bold, confident, intelligent and alert. With no regard for his own size, this lively dog's courage can sometimes get him into trouble, but it also makes him a wonderful and loyal companion.

This total care guide contains colorful sidebars, boxes and photographs that illustrate key topics essential to Dachshund dog owners. An excellent source of accurate, in-depth information The Dachshunds Dog Book will help you and your family raise a healthy and well-behaved canine companion.

Author, Susan M. Ewing.

Susan M. Ewing is a professional writer and pet columnist. She is involved in both showing and participating in various performance events. She lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband and two dogs.

Consulting Veterinarian Editor, Wayne Hunthausen, D.V.M.

Wayne Hunthausen, D.V.M., consulting veterinarian editor and pet behavior consultant, is the director of Animal Behavior Consultants in the Kansas City area and currently serves on the Practitioner Board for Veterinary Medicine and the Behavior Advisory Board for Veterinary Forum.

Hardcover, 193 pages. Includes a free training DVD.

Terra-Nova The Dachshund Dog Book

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  • 193 pages of information with a free care and training DVD
  • The most breed-specific information available
  • Includes positive training methods
  • Features current health care information
  • Easy to follow grooming instructions

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193 Pages
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Terra-Nova The Dachshund Dog Book

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