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Blackcap Basslet
Blackcap Basslet

Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species. Each companion animal is different in shape, color, and personality.

Blackcap Basslet

Blackcap Basslet

The Blackcap Basslet is not aggressive, but can be territorial towards any fish that invades its space or home. Like other basslets, this species stays relatively small making it a perfect reef tank inhabitant. Although more than one can be kept in a tank, the basslets should be introduced simultaneously.

Blackcap Basslet - Living Environment
Small groups do best in large tanks in excess of 100 gallons or more. Does best with plenty of hiding places as well as open swimming room.

Blackcap Basslet

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Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Reef Safe: Yes

Family: Grammidae

Native To: Tropical Western Atlantic, Caribbean

Diet: Carnivore

Adult Size: Up to 4"

Temperature: 72-78° F

Water Parameters: sg 1.020-1.025, pH 8.1-8.4

Care Level: Easy

Tank Size: 30+ gallons

Scientific Name: Gramma melcara

Environment: Marine

  • Not aggressive, but can be territorial
  • Stays relatively small making it reef safe
  • More than one can be kept in a tank as long as they are introduced simultaneously in larger tanks

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1"-2" Length
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Blackcap Basslet
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