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Cat Training in 10 Minutes
Cat Training in 10 Minutes
Cat Training in 10 Minutes
Don't think your cat can learn to come on command, perch on your shoulder, or walk on a leash? Think again. This book shows you how to teach your cat to perform simple tricks in just minutes a day. Author Miriam Fields-Babineau has first-hand, professional experience in training cats for television and film. Cat Training in 10 Minutes explains each trick in detail. Step-by-step photos let you follow along and show you how to train your cat in your home. It not only provides the "how to" of trick training, but also includes interviews with professional cat trainers working in the entertainment industry.

Cat Training in 10 Minutes

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  • Learn more about your cat's personality
  • Show off your cat's new found abilities to friends and family
  • Spend more quality time with your feline while teaching it valuable tricks

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142 pages
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Cat Training in 10 Minutes

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