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PediPaws Nail Trimmer

PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmers

The PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer:

  • Works quickly easily, and gently
  • Won't crack, splinter or break nails
  • Has rotating emery bands that gently file nails
  • Is cordless and lightweight
  • Files to smooth rounded finish

The PediPaws pet nail trimmer is a revolutionary new automatic pet nail trimmer that trims your pets nails quickly, easily, and effectively! The secret is the rotating emery band that safely removes thin layers of your pet's nails, while keeping the trimmings inside so there's no mess to clean up.

With regular pet nail trimmers, it's so easy to accidentally trim too much off of the nail, and cut into the quick, causing pain for your pet. PediPaws dog nail trimmers are safe pet nail trimmers that allow you to take just a bit off the nail at a time so that you get a perfect, pain-free trim every time! This dog nail trimmer guides you as you trim so that you are much less likely to take too much of the nail off and cause pain to your pet.

Why do pets fight you when you are trying to trim their nails? Because they know that it hurts! You will be surprised at how calm they are when you use PediPaws pet nail trimmers! You no longer have to dread fighting with your dog or cat when it's time to trim their nails!

Some ordinary pet claw trimmers can also leave the edges of the nail cracked and jagged. With PediPaws dog nail trimmer, there's no more cracking, splintering, or breaking your pet's nails because Pedi Paws doesn't pinch down on the nails. Instead, it uses a precision filing wheel to gently trim your pet's claws.

With the Pedi Paws dog nail trimmer, your pet's nails will be touchable, smooth and you and your home will be scratch free!

PediPaws is the innovative way to eliminate the hassle of nail grooming. Traditional clippers can cause painful nail splitting and cracking. PediPaws rotating emery bands gently and safely files your pet's nails to a smooth, rounded finish. Plus, the protective cap catches the filings, so there is no mess!

Your pet's nails will be at a healthy length and your home will be safe from the scratches and snags. Eliminate the fear and stress of nail grooming with PediPaws. It's cordless, runs on two C batteries (not included), and comes with four (4) emery bands.

Give your pets the safe grooming experience they deserve with Pedi Paws!

PediPaws Nail Trimmer

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  • Fast, easy & gentle
  • Won't crack, splinter or break nails
  • Rotating emery bands gently file nails
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Files to smooth rounded finish

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9.5" L X 2" Diameter
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