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WARE Premium + Hutch
WARE Premium + Hutch
WARE Premium + Hutch

WARE Premium + Hutch -- Rabbit Cage and Rabbit Hutch Available Online from

The Ware Premium + Hutch has been constructed using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Built for use both outdoors and indoors, this versatile rabbit hutch is ideal for use in covered areas, such as a garage, patio or porch, as well as within your home. Its asphalt shingled roof and weatherproof stain offer protection from the elements of rain and moisture. This stain is also non-toxic to ensure the safety of your pet rabbit. Featuring a locking hinge roof design, fully opening rooftop, and a slide-out plastic lined tray, this innovative outdoor rabbit cage adds convenience to its cleaning and maintenance.

This hutch also features an enclosed den with a solid wood floor to provide your pet rabbit with a sense of security and comfort. For more convenience, this hutch has a unique "Hop-Way" Door in the front that also doubles as a sturdy wooden ramp. Designed specifically for easy assembly, this marvelous hutch can be fully assembled in minutes using only a screwdriver. Provide your pet rabbit with a cozy home that allows him to access fresh air as well as to enjoy privacy all on his own accord with this premium hutch.

Please Note: All WARE Premium Rabbit Hutches are recommended for use with dwarf rabbits.

WARE Premium + Hutch

Internet Price: $199.99   Today's Price: $191.62  (Save 4%)

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  • Rabbit cage has a waterproof roof
  • Tongue-and-groove side paneling
  • Wire floor with pull pan
  • One-of-a-kind Hop-Way Door that also acts a ramp
  • Roof top fully opens for instant and easy access
  • Rabbit hutch has an attractive non-toxic Redwood stain
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Versatile enough for use both outdoors and indoors

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WARE Premium + Rabbit Hutch

46.5" L X 24" W X 35" H
SKU: 1277090

WARE Premium + Rabbit Hutch
$199.99 $191.62


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