Zoo Med Vita-Sand in Gobi Gold
Zoo Med Vita-Sand in Gobi Gold
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Zoo Med Vita-Sand in Gobi Gold

Zoo Med Vita-Sand in Gobi Gold – Reptile Vita-Sand & Sand Substrate

Building a naturalistic ecosystem for your reptile will help your pet feel more at home and less stressed. Zoo Med Vita-Sand in Gobi Gold is an all-natural sand substrate that contains no artificial colors or color sealers. It can serve as a safe and effective substrate for your pet’s terrarium and can help contribute to the overall natural look and feel of your reptile’s environment.

The substrate you use can impact your pet’s health. Zoo Med Vita-Sand in Gobi Gold has been enhanced with added vitamins and beta carotene that may provide increased health benefits for your pet. The ultra-fine grade particles of Zoo Med Vita-Sand in Gobi Gold also help prevent impaction from over-consumption.

This reptile Vita-Sand is ideal for a variety of pets including: bearded dragons, uromastyx lizards, monitors, geckos (including leopard geckos) and desert tortoises.

Sand substrate works by absorbing spilled water, food and your pet’s waste. This reptile Vita-Sand pulls these elements away from your pet, which helps keep the habitat cleaner for a longer period of time.

Some reptile parents are tempted to collect and put down substrate from the local environment. While this choice can add to the natural look of your pet’s habitat, you could unintentionally introduce unhealthy organic matter or bacteria into your pet’s environment. To protect your reptile’s health, a sterile substrate such as reptile Vita-Sand is an ideal alternative.

Vita-Sand is veterinarian approved for desert reptile species. When you use this sand substrate, you can be assured that you are putting a safe and healthy floor beneath your reptile’s feet.

Do not use Vita-Sand as a substitute for dietary supplements.

Zoo Med Vita-Sand in Gobi Gold

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  • All-natural vitamin-fortified calcium carbonate substrate
  • Increases calcium delivery in desert species of reptiles
  • Reptile Vita-Sand is fortified with vitamins and beta carotene for increased health benefits
  • Sand substrate in Gobi Gold is sure to look great in your terrarium
  • Made in the USA

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Zoo Med Vita-Sand in Gobi Gold
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