Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater
Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater
Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater

Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater - From petco.com

Using Tidy Tank augments the beneficial microbes already present in the aquarium.

Tidy Tank contains a specifically developed sludge removing bacteria used to remove organic debris from aquarium gravel, filters, tubing, etc. Tidy Tank contains billions (2 billion colony forming units per milliliter) of heterotrophic bacteria. These Bacillus species bacteria rapidly consume carbohydrates, proteins, starches, fats and cellulose that build up in aquariums as the result of feeding, fish waste, decaying plant matter and other organics. As well as eliminating unsightly sludge from the aquarium, these bacteria will also reduce odors that are produced as a result of organic decay.

Tidy Tank eliminates debris accumulation in biofilters, preventing the formation of toxic anaerobic zones within the filter media. In addition, Tidy Tank will also decrease channeling inside of filters, allowing faster water flow and increased filter efficiency.

For freshwater aquariums.

Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater

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  • Improves water quality and reduces odors in fresh water tanks
  • Extends useful life of filter materials
  • Contains only naturally occurring beneficial bacteria
  • Breaks down organic debris in gravel and filters and removes sludge from substrate
  • Does not affect pH

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16 fl. oz.
Treats 480 gallons
SKU: 1204963

Kordon Tidy Tank Fresh Water
$21.99 $15.39
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