Beneful Playful Life Dog Food
Beneful Playful Life Dog Food
Beneful Playful Life Dog Food

Beneful Playful Life Dog Food – Dry Dog Food & Beneful Dog Food

Fuel your dog’s playtimes with Beneful Playful Life Dog Food. This delicious dry dog food features more protein than Beneful’s Original formula. Wholesome carbohydrates and tasty veggies round out every bite. Beneful dog food provides your furry family member with complete and balanced nutrition for a happy, healthy life.

Make mealtime fun for your pet. Beneful Playful Life Dog Food features a great variety of shapes, textures and flavors, making meals fun and interesting. Meaty chunks and crunchy grains create a varied texture to this dry dog food. Tasty pieces come in a number of different shapes to create the look of a playful medley in every bowl. This blend of textures and shapes also includes a variety of flavors that are sure to make every meal both fun and tasty.

Beneful Playful Life Dog Food is made with moist, meaty chunks that your dog will love. Every bite of this dry dog food contains real beef packed with hearty protein. Beef, along with some highly digestible ingredients like egg, helps your dog develop and maintain strong muscles. This formula features more protein than Beneful Original, so your dog gets an extra helping of meaty goodness with every bite. Wholesome oatmeal and corn provides essential carbs to fuel your dog’s playtime. Tasty, vitamin-rich veggies supply a variety of nutrients that support your dog’s health in a variety of ways. This antioxidant-rich Beneful dog food formula is accented with tomatoes and spinach to help support a healthy immune system.

Beneful dog food is produced in facilities in the USA.

Beneful Playful Life Dog Food

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  • More protein than Original Beneful dog food to fuel your dog’s playtime
  • 100% complete and balanced dry dog food
  • Moist, meaty chunks and crunchy bites create texture variety
  • Real beef and egg supply essential protein and other nutrients
  • Accented with vitamin rich vegetables

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