KONG Puppy Goodie Bone
KONG Puppy Goodie Bone

Offered in assorted colors, as pictured. Please allow us to select one for you.

KONG Puppy Goodie Bone

KONG Puppy Goodie Bone – KONG Goodie Bone & Puppy KONG Bone

Give your young dog a bundle of fun with the KONG Puppy Goodie Bone. This engaging puppy KONG bone holds treats, giving your pup a tasty reward during play. The KONG Goodie Bone features durable rubber that can stand up to the constant chewing of teething puppies. That durable rubber can also help to sooth itchy gums, helping your puppy feel better during teething.

Puppies need to chew to stay happy and healthy. Chewing strengthens jaws and relieves itchy gums during teething. A fun, durable toy can focus your puppy’s chewing instincts and help develop positive chewing habits for later in life. Teaching your puppy to chew on appropriate items early on can set a great foundation for chewing habits in your adult dog.

The KONG Puppy Goodie Bone is more than just a puppy chew toy. This innovative puppy KONG bone is designed to hold treats, adding an extra level of interest for your pet. KONG Stuff’N Snacks and Ziggies for Puppies are great treats for stuffing into the convenient treat-sized gaps in the ends of this puppy KONG bone. Stuffing the toy with treats makes it more appealing to puppies. The smell and taste of goodies will make this toy irresistible to your little furry family member. This toy creates a fun mental and physical puzzle because your puppy will have to work to get the treats out of the toy.

The KONG Goodie Bone is just the right size for your puppy’s little mouth. The slim profile is easy for puppies to chew, pick up and carry around to their favorite spots. The KONG Puppy Goodie Bone is ideal for puppies up to nine months old.

The KONG Goodie Bone comes in an assortment of colors. Please allow us to choose one for you. This toy is made in the USA.

KONG Puppy Goodie Bone

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  • Durable puppy KONG bone holds treats and then bounces unpredictably to make your puppy work for rewards
  • The KONG Goodie Bone bridges the gap between treats, play and exercise
  • Ideal for small and medium puppies up to nine months old
  • Made in the USA

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5" L X 1.25" W X 2" H
SKU: 979929

KONG Puppy Goodie Bone
$8.99 $5.95

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KONG Puppy Goodie Bone
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